Random NBA Fan’s Week 19 Prediction Results

Before the start of the season, I made predictions for all 1,230 games.  For Week 19 (Monday, March 2 through Sunday, March 8), I correctly predicted 33 of the 54 games that were played and correctly predicted the results of every game played by the Chicago Bulls (4), Cleveland Cavaliers (4), Milwaukee Bucks (3), Oklahoma City Thunder (3), San Antonio Spurs (3) and Toronto Raptors (4).


Date Visitor Home Prediction Result
3/2/2015 Toronto Raptors Philadelphia 76ers Raptors Raptors
3/2/2015 Golden State Warriors Brooklyn Nets Nets Nets
3/2/2015 Phoenix Suns Miami Heat Heat Heat
3/2/2015 Los Angeles Clippers Minnesota Timberwolves Clippers Clippers
3/2/2015 New Orleans Pelicans Dallas Mavericks Mavericks Mavericks
3/3/2015 Los Angeles Lakers Charlotte Hornets Lakers Hornets
3/3/2015 Boston Celtics Cleveland Cavaliers Cavaliers Cavaliers
3/3/2015 Houston Rockets Atlanta Hawks Hawks Hawks
3/3/2015 Washington Wizards Chicago Bulls Bulls Bulls
3/3/2015 Utah Jazz Memphis Grizzlies Grizzlies Jazz
3/3/2015 Milwaukee Bucks Denver Nuggets Nuggets Nuggets
3/3/2015* Sacramento Kings New York Knicks Kings Kings
3/4/2015 New York Knicks Indiana Pacers Knicks Pacers
3/4/2015 Phoenix Suns Orlando Magic Suns Suns
3/4/2015 Utah Jazz Boston Celtics Celtics Celtics
3/4/2015 Charlotte Hornets Brooklyn Nets Nets Hornets
3/4/2015 Cleveland Cavaliers Toronto Raptors Cavaliers Cavaliers
3/4/2015 Memphis Grizzlies Houston Rockets Rockets Grizzlies
3/4/2015 Denver Nuggets Minnesota Timberwolves Timberwolves Nuggets
3/4/2015 Detroit Pistons New Orleans Pelicans Pistons Pelicans
3/4/2015 Philadelphia 76ers Oklahoma City Thunder Thunder Thunder
3/4/2015 Los Angeles Lakers Miami Heat Heat Heat
3/4/2015 Sacramento Kings San Antonio Spurs Spurs Spurs
3/4/2015 Milwaukee Bucks Golden State Warriors Warriors Warriors
3/4/2015 Portland Trail Blazers Los Angeles Clippers Trail Blazers Trail Blazers
3/5/2015 Oklahoma City Thunder Chicago Bulls Bulls Bulls
3/5/2015 Dallas Mavericks Portland Trail Blazers Mavericks Trail Blazers
3/6/2015 Toronto Raptors Charlotte Hornets Hornets Hornets
3/6/2015 Chicago Bulls Indiana Pacers Pacers Pacers
3/6/2015 Sacramento Kings Orlando Magic Kings Magic
3/6/2015 Utah Jazz Philadelphia 76ers 76ers Jazz
3/6/2015 Cleveland Cavaliers Atlanta Hawks Hawks Hawks
3/6/2015 Phoenix Suns Brooklyn Nets Nets Suns
3/6/2015 Detroit Pistons Houston Rockets Rockets Rockets
3/6/2015 Los Angeles Lakers Memphis Grizzlies Grizzlies Grizzlies
3/6/2015 Boston Celtics New Orleans Pelicans Pelicans Celtics
3/6/2015 Miami Heat Washington Wizards Heat Wizards
3/6/2015 Denver Nuggets San Antonio Spurs Spurs Spurs
3/6/2015 Dallas Mavericks Golden State Warriors Warriors Warriors
3/7/2015 Memphis Grizzlies New Orleans Pelicans Pelicans Pelicans
3/7/2015 Phoenix Suns Cleveland Cavaliers Cavaliers Cavaliers
3/7/2015 Sacramento Kings Miami Heat Heat Heat
3/7/2015 Indiana Pacers New York Knicks Knicks Pacers
3/7/2015 Atlanta Hawks Philadelphia 76ers Hawks 76ers
3/7/2015 Portland Trail Blazers Minnesota Timberwolves Trail Blazers Timberwolves
3/7/2015 Washington Wizards Milwaukee Bucks Bucks Bucks
3/7/2015 Houston Rockets Denver Nuggets Nuggets Rockets
3/8/2015 Chicago Bulls San Antonio Spurs Spurs Spurs
3/8/2015 Los Angeles Clippers Golden State Warriors Clippers Warriors
3/8/2015 Utah Jazz Brooklyn Nets Nets Jazz
3/8/2015 Charlotte Hornets Detroit Pistons Pistons Hornets
3/8/2015 Boston Celtics Orlando Magic Magic Magic
3/8/2015 Toronto Raptors Oklahoma City Thunder Thunder Thunder
3/8/2015 Dallas Mavericks Los Angeles Lakers Lakers Mavericks

* Originally scheduled for January 26, but was postponed due to a snowstorm.


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