Random NBA Fan’s Week 8 Prediction Results

Before the start of the season, I made predictions for all 1,230 games.  After having my first sub-.500 week of the season in Week 7 (23-31), I had a total reversal of fortune and went 31-23 for the 54 games that were played during Week 8 (Monday, December 15 through Sunday December 21).  For the week, I correctly predicted the results for the games played by the Houston Rockets (3) and Los Angeles Lakers (3).  Unfortunately, each prediction that I made for the three games played by the Chicago Bulls were wrong.


Date Visitor Home Prediction Result
12/15/2014 Charlotte Hornets Cleveland Cavaliers Cavaliers Cavaliers
12/15/2014 Los Angeles Lakers Indiana Pacers Pacers Pacers
12/15/2014 Boston Celtics Philadelphia 76ers Celtics Celtics
12/15/2014 Chicago Bulls Atlanta Hawks Bulls Hawks
12/15/2014 Orlando Magic Toronto Raptors Raptors Raptors
12/15/2014 Milwaukee Bucks Phoenix Suns Bucks Bucks
12/15/2014 San Antonio Spurs Portland Trail Blazers Trail Blazers Trail Blazers
12/15/2014 Detroit Pistons Los Angeles Clippers Clippers Clippers
12/16/2014 Minnesota Timberwolves Washington Wizards Wizards Wizards
12/16/2014 Miami Heat Brooklyn Nets Nets Heat
12/16/2014 Golden State Warriors Memphis Grizzlies Grizzlies Grizzlies
12/16/2014 Utah Jazz New Orleans Pelicans Pelicans Pelicans
12/16/2014 Dallas Mavericks New York Knicks Knicks Mavericks
12/16/2014 Oklahoma City Thunder Sacramento Kings Thunder Thunder
12/17/2014 Phoenix Suns Charlotte Hornets Suns Suns
12/17/2014 Atlanta Hawks Cleveland Cavaliers Cavaliers Hawks
12/17/2014 Orlando Magic Boston Celtics Celtics Celtics
12/17/2014 Dallas Mavericks Detroit Pistons Pistons Mavericks
12/17/2014 Utah Jazz Miami Heat Jazz Jazz
12/17/2014 Brooklyn Nets Toronto Raptors Raptors Raptors
12/17/2014 Memphis Grizzlies San Antonio Spurs Spurs Grizzlies
12/17/2014 Milwaukee Bucks Portland Trail Blazers Trail Blazers Trail Blazers
12/17/2014 Indiana Pacers Los Angeles Clippers Clippers Clippers
12/17/2014 Houston Rockets Denver Nuggets Rockets Rockets
12/18/2014 New York Knicks Chicago Bulls Knicks Bulls
12/18/2014 New Orleans Pelicans Houston Rockets Pelicans Pelicans
12/18/2014 Milwaukee Bucks Sacramento Kings Kings Bucks
12/18/2014 Oklahoma City Thunder Golden State Warriors Thunder Warriors
12/19/2014 Utah Jazz Orlando Magic Magic Jazz
12/19/2014 Charlotte Hornets Philadelphia 76ers 76ers Hornets
12/19/2014 Minnesota Timberwolves Boston Celtics Celtics Celtics
12/19/2014 Brooklyn Nets Cleveland Cavaliers Cavaliers Cavaliers
12/19/2014 Toronto Raptors Detroit Pistons Pistons Raptors
12/19/2014 Washington Wizards Miami Heat Wizards Wizards
12/19/2014 Chicago Bulls Memphis Grizzlies Grizzlies Bulls
12/19/2014 Portland Trail Blazers San Antonio Spurs Spurs Trail Blazers
12/19/2014 Los Angeles Clippers Denver Nuggets Clippers Nuggets
12/19/2014 Oklahoma City Thunder Los Angeles Lakers Thunder Thunder
12/20/2014 Phoenix Suns New York Knicks Knicks Suns
12/20/2014 Portland Trail Blazers New Orleans Pelicans Pelicans Trail Blazers
12/20/2014 Utah Jazz Charlotte Hornets Hornets Hornets
12/20/2014 Atlanta Hawks Houston Rockets Rockets Rockets
12/20/2014 San Antonio Spurs Dallas Mavericks Mavericks Mavericks
12/20/2014 Indiana Pacers Denver Nuggets Nuggets Nuggets
12/20/2014 Milwaukee Bucks Los Angeles Clippers Clippers Clippers
12/21/2014 New York Knicks Toronto Raptors Raptors Raptors
12/21/2014 Memphis Grizzlies Cleveland Cavaliers Grizzlies Cavaliers
12/21/2014 Los Angeles Lakers Sacramento Kings Kings Kings
12/21/2014 Detroit Pistons Brooklyn Nets Nets Nets
12/21/2014 Boston Celtics Miami Heat Celtics Heat
12/21/2014 Philadelphia 76ers Orlando Magic Magic 76ers
12/21/2014 Phoenix Suns Washington Wizards Wizards Suns
12/21/2014 Indiana Pacers Minnesota Timberwolves Timberwolves Pacers
12/21/2014 New Orleans Pelicans Oklahoma City Thunder Thunder Pelicans

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