Welcome to RandomNBAFan.com.  Like you, I am just a random NBA fan, who loves the game of basketball.  Many of us are NBA fans because the NBA gives us the opportunity to see the game we love played at the highest level.  The fanatics among us, with the help of NBA TV, get to share in the raw emotion of basketball played at its highest level hundreds upon hundreds of times each season.

I created this site to share my random musings with other random NBA fans.  In addition to my random musings, you will also find some NBA history.  RandomNBAFan.com includes pages that list some of the all-time NBA leaders and each NBA Championship team by season.  There are also game-by-game predictions and a list of NBA dynasties by decade.

RandomNBAFan.com is a place where fans can come view the Random Musings of a Random NBA Fan, share their musings and checkout some NBA history all in one place.


Mark Hawkins


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